Cancer Massage

Studies of massage for cancer patients suggest massage can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue. Many health care professionals recognize massage as a useful, noninvasive addition to standard medical treatment. Therapeutic massage is most often given by trained massage therapists. (source:


At its most basic, oncology massage is bodywork that is designed specific to the needs of people who are dealing with cancer and/or its treatments. The main focus is to enhance healing while “doing no harm” to people whose bodies are dealing with lowered immune systems, at risk for developing lymphedema, are stressed by radiation and/or chemotherapy treatment(s), or are recovering from surgery.


Enhance Healing ~ Much more than a feel-good treat or relaxation technique, Oncology Massage Therapy can actually assist your body and spirit in their constant pursuit of restoring you to health. By integrating Western and Eastern modalities of bodywork in order to address the symptoms of both cancer treatments and the disease, Oncology Massage Therapy can help with nausea, diarrhea, constipation, lack of appetite, insomnia, exhaustion, low blood counts, pain and numerous other side effects from chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgery.


Please make sure that prior to booking your cancer massage your oncologist has cleared you to receive massage.




Mobile Massage Pricing for Orange & Seminole Counties:

30 min $45 (limited travel area or minimum 2 massages)

45 min $60 (limited travel area or minimum 2 massages)

60 min $75

90 min $105

120 min $150