High Risk Pregnancies

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High Risk Pregnancies - Do not proceed without written release of physician.

• Diabetic Mother

• Cardiac Disorders- heart disease

• Chronic Hypertension

• Previous Problem in Pregnancy - previous miscarriage

• Mothers under 17 or over 40

• Asthmatic Mother

• Suspected RH Negative Mother or other genetic problems

• Drug addictions or exposure to drugs

• Previous multiple births

Proceed With Caution (Physician's Release Advised)

• Incompetent cervix

• Complications due to DES used during pregnancy

• Lung or live disorder

• Severe anemia

• Convulsive disorders

• Abnormal Fetal Heartbeat

• Decrease or absence of fetal movement

• Interuterine growth retardation

• Lupus Erythematosus

• Poor lifestyle habits (drug abuse, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption)

• Low weight gain

• No prenatal care

Warning Signs of High Risk Factors

• Possible Miscarriage - bloody discharge, continual abdominal pains, sudden gush of water or leakage of amniotic fluid

• Urinary Tract Infections - very frequent urination with burning, low back pain increase in thirst and decrease in urination, chills and fever with 100 degree temperature or higher

• Pre-eclampsia - (toxemia of pregnancy - if neglected or not treated properly may develop true eclampsia) Sudden rapid weight gain, systemic edema, increased blood pressure (hypertension), protein in urine, increased headaches

• Eclampsia (Toxemia) Emergency situation-refer to physician immediately- Develops in 1 out of 200 patients with pre-eclampsia; persistent severe headaches; persistent severe back pain unrelieved by change of position; severe nausea/vomiting; systemic edema; pitted edema, increased blood pressure; visual disturbances; convulsions.

• Gestational Diabetes - excessive hunger and thirst; increased urination in 2nd trimester; sugar in urine, no non-pregnant diabetes

• Other conditions - thrombophlebitis; systemic infections; skin irritations; varicose veins; kidney disease; heart disease; cancer; acute injuries such as burns, bleeding, fractures