Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release focuses on the fascia of the body, as opposed to the muscles. These techniques are used to facilitate the release of bound up areas of fascia. For you to better understand, you will need to know exactly what the fascia is.

Fascia is the network of connective tissue the covers and penetrates the bones, muscles and organs of the body. Picture the fascia as a sweater. If you take the bottom corner of your sweater and tie it in a knot, it will cause the rest of the sweater to pull towards that area, restricting your movement and making the sweater feel too tight and small. Myofascial release massage addresses this issue and works to release fascia.

So, when the fascia of the body tightens up in one area, it will also effect other areas of your body. This bound up fascia causes the muscles to receive less oxygenated blood and retain metabolic wastes, which is why those hard, tense areas hurt so much... because the metabolic waste is like an acid burning the tissue.

Massaging the muscles will bring in fresh blood, and move out waste products, thereby bringing relief, but if the fascia remains bound, then the problem will continue to occur.




Mobile Massage Pricing for Orange & Seminole Counties:

30 min $45 (limited travel area or minimum 2 massages)

45 min $60 (limited travel area or minimum 2 massages)

60 min $75

90 min $105

120 min $150