Swedish vs. Deep Tissue Massage


Determining whether you should receive a Swedish massage or a Deep Tissue massage:


Swedish: If your goal is relaxation and general well-being, then Swedish massage is your best bet. Swedish massage works only on the superficial layers of muscle, and will help with the removal of metabolic wastes and improve circulation. It is a great maintenance massage and immune system booster. This is the type of massage you will generally receive at a day spa.


Deep Tissue: If you have chronic pain and tension, or limited range of movement in some areas, then you are a candidate for deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage provides all of the immune boosting and improved circulatory benefits of a Swedish massage, but since it works into the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue, it will also reduce chronic pain and improve the health and mobility of your joints and muscles. Keep in mind that many chronic conditions took weeks/months/years to develop, so getting one deep tissue massage will not immediately reverse all of those effects. Regular treatments will eventually break up those knots and trigger points, then you'll be able to maintain your joint & muscle health with a maintenance program of Swedish massage.



Mobile Massage Pricing for Orange & Seminole Counties:

30 min $45 (limited travel area or minimum 2 massages)

45 min $60 (limited travel area or minimum 2 massages)

60 min $75

90 min $105

* If you are outside my regular travel area and are still interested in booking a massage, there will be a travel fee of $1 per mile for anything outside a 20 mile radius from my home office. Example: If you live 35 miles from me, then the travel fee will be $15. Click here to check the mileage (be sure to choose the Avoid Tolls box).